PRP Biomimetic

PRP BIOMIMETIC is a product for the activation of fibroblasts that contains growth factors and other substances synthesized in the laboratory. The drug is designed to simplify the procedure and replace the classic PRP.


Is a product aimed at the regeneration of fat that allows you to return all the volumes lost during aging. The product uses the biological principle according to which an excessive increase in the volume of adipocytes leads to the activation of the stem cells of adipose tissue with which it is so rich.

Skin whitening

Is a product to control the amount of melanosomes in the skin and eliminate hyperpigmentation.

Use is recommended for patients with melanic deposits.

Fat apoptosis XL

(Adipocyte Apoptosis) – indirect lipolitic with vitamin C and ferric iron. Allows to reduce the fat layer in the periorbital zone, in the facial contours and also to correct the fatty deposits of the body.

Stamin C

Is able to activate the “dormant” stem cells directly in the dermis, that leads to a their reproduction, to the renewal of the cellular composition of the patient’s aging skin and, consequently, to rejuvenation.

Skin optimize

A product designed to optimise the biological functions of the dermis and slow down the aging process.

Skin firming

Eliminates the flabbiness and the atony of the skin of the face and body, carries out a lifting effect and builds up muscle

Muscle toning

Is a product designed for the biostimulation of the muscular tissue of the face and the body (breast).