Mesogrow is an innovative product indicated for treating alopecias of various types and general hair loss and weakening.


Q.L.Basic is a food supplement with an optimal concentration of quercetin and lactoferrin.

AlsaVit C

AlsaVit C is a food supplement with an optimal concentration of vitamin C. It stimulates the immune system and helps the production of collagen.

AlsaVit plus

AlsaVit plus is a food supplement with an optimal concentration of substances such as Echinacea purpurea, adenosylmethionine, zinc and vitamin D. The drug stimulates the immune system, helps to increase the body’s natural defenses and improves mood.

PRP Biomimetic

PRP BIOMIMETIC is a professional product that helps fight against the skin aging process.


Is a product aimed at the regeneration of fat that allows you to return all the volumes lost during aging. The product uses the biological principle according to which an excessive increase in the volume of adipocytes leads to the activation of the stem cells of adipose tissue with which it is so rich.

Skin whitening

It is an innovative formula with rapid and effective depigmenting properties.

Fat apoptosis XL

Formula containing Vitamin C and ferric iron. Helps reduce fat deposits in the affected areas of skin.

Stamin C

Innovative formula that promotes the physiological functionality of fibroblasts and allows skin regeneration.

Skin optimize

SKIN OPTIMIZE is a professional product that acts in depth by effectively stimulating and recompacting the skin tissue favoring the skin reinvigoration processes

Skin firming

SKIN FIRMING is an innovative formulation useful to counter the first signs on the skin caused by the physiological aging process of the skin tissue.

Muscle toning

Muscle toning is a product designed to assist skin blemishes caused by the relaxation of face and body muscles.