Fat apoptosis XL


Formulation containing Vitamin C and ferric iron. Helps reduce fat deposits in the affected skin areas.

Product Information

Localized adiposity describes the presence of a tissue particularly rich in fat cells
compared to other areas of the body and is responsible for imperfections. The formation of
this phenomenon is influenced by a multiplicity of factors that contribute to each other to
give rise to the disturbance. FAT APOTOSIS XL is an innovative formulation which, thanks
to a particular concentration of antioxidants, is able to reduce the imperfections caused by
an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue on the body.


Phase 1
Aqua, Sodium ascorbate, Disudium EDTA

Phase 2
Aqua, Sucrose, Benzyl alcohol, Hydrochloric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Ferrous gluconate.



Release form

The package includes two (2) vials (45 ml + 5 ml).

Instructions for use

Mix the contents of the vials immediately before proceeding with the application in the
affected areas of the skin. Repeat the application after two weeks.